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Aristarco Commercial Pass Through Dishwashers

ARISTARCO stands as a distinguished Italian manufacturer of commercial dishwashers, including highly efficient pass-through models, glasswashers, and ice machines. Renowned for delivering exceptional quality and value, this family-owned business epitomises the finest Italy has to offer. For over 75 years and across three generations, Aristarco has been dedicated to refining its advanced dishwashing technology, achieving performance and durability that are celebrated worldwide. Known for its commitment to innovation and backed by decades of experience, Aristarco continues to set industry standards with its focus on superior manufacturing practices, making it a globally recognised leader in the catering equipment sector.

Aristarco Pass Through Dishwasher AH800

Elevating Commercial Dishwashing to New Heights

Discover the apex of dishwashing performance with the Aristarco Pass Through Dishwasher AH800, engineered to meet the intense requirements of busy commercial kitchens. This pass-through model, often referred to as a hood-type dishwasher, is a crucial enhancement for any venue that values speed, hygiene, and operational efficacy.

Aristarco Pass Through Dishwasher AH800

Key Features

  • High Volume Handling: Skilfully manages a large volume of dishes, supporting uninterrupted kitchen operations with its efficient pass-through design.
  • Powerful Wash and Rinse Systems: Robust wash arms combined with a high-performance wash pump effectively eliminate residues, while sophisticated rinse systems ensure streak-free, immaculate results.
  • Auto Start/Stop Functionality: Automatically activates and deactivates cycles upon the closing and opening of the hood, enhancing energy efficiency and minimising water usage.

Enhanced Usability

  • Streamlined Operation: Designed for high-volume environments, this pass-through dishwasher promotes continuous kitchen workflow, allowing dishes to enter from one side and exit clean from the other.
  • Efficient Cleaning Technology: Features robust wash arms and a high-performance wash pump that powerfully strip away residues, complemented by advanced rinse systems that ensure every item emerges spotless and streak-free.
  • Intelligent Auto Start/Stop: Enhances operational efficiency by automatically starting the wash cycle when the hood is closed and stopping when opened, effectively reducing both energy consumption and water use.

Durability and Build Quality

  • Exceptional Efficiency: The Aristarco Pass Through Dishwasher AH800 exceeds the demands of bustling commercial kitchens, offering unmatched efficiency and reliability.
  • Comprehensive Features: Equipped with a wide range of features, this dishwasher is essential for high-demand culinary operations, ensuring operational efficiency.
  • Superior Hygiene Standards: Designed to maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, crucial for any commercial kitchen environment.
  • Ideal for High-Volume Settings: Perfectly suited for busy settings, enhancing workflow and productivity in any large-scale catering operation.

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