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iCombi Classic

iCombi Classic.

Productive. Robust. Reliable.

RATIONAL combination ovens are amongst the highest regarded cooking machines in professional kitchens worldwide. Jackson’s Catering Equipment  ltd are selling the complete range of Rational Combi ovens. We sell Rational Combi Ovens because they are the number one market leader worldwide. We also stock the six grid and ten grid, Rational iCombi Classic in both gas and electric and a full range of accessories and cleaning tablets for all models of ovens. View our range online and give us a call to discuss your next Rational purchase. Tel:+442871312311 

  • That’s confidence. A combi-steamer combining high productivity with high food quality.


Intuitive user interface

Dial with push function, colour display, clear symbols on the user interface, so that you can work intuitively and without errors.


Simple programing

Individual programming with up to 100 programs, with multi-step cooking processes of up to 12 steps. For endlessly reproducible results.



Top dehumidification performance and the ability to set humidity in 10 % intervals create a precise cooking cabinet climate. For fast results.


Fan wheels

Together with the cooking cabinet shape, up to 3 fan wheels provide optimal distribution of the heat, providing high energy input into the food. For uniform results and high productivity.


Cleaning and descaling

Automatic clean, including overnight, phosphate-free cleaner tabs and reduced consumption of cleaner – it could not get cleaner than that. Optional: Care system to prevent scale.


LED cooking cabinet lighting

Trust is good, control is better: With the high light intensity and neutral light colour, the external cooking level can be identified quickly.

The Rational iCombi Classic is truly multitalented, and will quickly become the indispensable assistant in your kitchen. It replaces numerous conventional cooking appliances on a footprint of less than approx. 1 m2, it is robust, high-performing, powerful and efficient. It is easy to use. The impressive functions guarantee high cooking quality. So that with your experience as a chef, you will always get the results you want.


that meets the challenges of your kitchen.

Unique cooking performance

Unique cooking performance


The iCombi Classic works at a consistently high level, thanks to: the central measurement and regulatory system for a uniform, individual cooking cabinet climate; the powerful fresh steam generator for optimal steam saturation; the high-performance dehumidification; increased quantity of fan wheels and optimal cooking cabinet design. This means energy is transferred to the food with precision and, where appropriate, with a lot of power. The result: large load size with excellent uniform results across all the racks. With up to 10% less energy and water consumption. For the one objective: producing consistent high quality results with crisp crusts, attractive diamond grill patterns, crispy breaded products.

  • Together this brings: Higher performance, more productivity, lower resource consumption.

It can all be controlled.

Simply and intuitively.

Easy to use

Easy to use

This is how quick it can be: In no time at all, you will be able to operate the iCombi Classic with ease. Thanks to its simplicity, its recognisable symbols and dial with a push function. That is simple.

Free Accessory Pack

Free Rational original accessory pack with every oven purchased from Jacksons Catering Equipment Ltd. Ask us about this offer when you call our team on +442871312311

Get the best from your Rational Oven

Individually programmable.

Satisfied with the result? Then save the cooking process with up to 12 steps. You can even do this for up to 100 cooking programs.

For a high level of excellence, reliability and quality.

Steam Mode.

The fresh steam generator with hygienically regulation in 10% stages produces hygienic fresh steam. Together with consistant cooking cabinet temperature and the optimal steam saturation, this provides a uniform cooking process.

For appetising colour and the retention of nutrients and vitamins.

Convection mode.

Air is circulated all around the food at individually adjusted air speeds. The reserve capacity is even enough for a full load of pan fried products, frozen foods such as calamari, croquettes or bakery goods.

Powerful performance for good results.

Combination mode.

The advantages of steam combined with the benefits of convection heat: short cooking time, reduction in shrinkage and intensive aromas with appetising colours. For excellent results.

No cooking loss, no drying, high quality.

Approved Rational Dealer stocking New Rational iCombi Classic Ovens in our showroom.

Always ready to go.

ready for its closeup.

Effective cleaning
Effective cleaning

Regardless of how hard the iCombi Classic has worked, depending on how dirty the unit is, the automatic clean will determine the necessary cleaning stage. Strong, light or medium. With phosphate-free cleaner tabs. Day or night, even without tabs. Even with the Care system, which eliminates the need for expensive water softening and regular descaling of the steam generator. To make cleaning easier, all the cleaning stages are quick and easy to select on the display.

  • Because only one thing counts: That your cooking system is perfectly hygienic at all times with minimal effort.
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